Returning from Recess III: America First Put To The Test

As we head into the fall, and towards the end of the fiscal year, Congress is already back in Washington with a packed agenda. If April recess brought the economy to the foreground, August recess was sure to bring a government spending plan front and center. However,...
Mergers & Acquisitions: Why You Must Think Politically

Mergers & Acquisitions: Why You Must Think Politically

Governing is hard. It’s no great secret. Any student of American history knows our nation’s founders structured the federal government to be a slow, deliberative body on purpose. But in a time characterized by partisan gridlock, some may wonder: Is it still important...
Building A Message That Resonates Across Party Lines

Building A Message That Resonates Across Party Lines

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard came out last week with an interesting look at FTP client North America’s Building Trades Union, who hosted President Donald Trump on Tuesday at their annual legislative conference despite endorsing and advocating forcefully...

Regulatory Reform 101: How To Cut Red Tape

It’s no secret that the desire to pursue regulatory reform has been pent-up among Republican lawmakers for some time. Despite Republican control of Congress since 2014, the threat of a veto during the Obama Administration limited what could be accomplished on the...

Ensuring Your Message Breaks Through In A New Washington

An ever shortening news cycle. Public policy made 140 characters at a time.  Nomination fights that go on through the night. A record number of phone calls hitting the House and Senate circuits. A Supreme Court nomination battle upcoming, along with debates about tax...

For Democratic State Attorneys General, Things Are About to Get Busy

Peter O’Keefe Partner By Peter O’Keefe As with any change in Administration from one party to the other, the effect on public policy can be felt in both subtle and significant ways. If the last two weeks are an accurate indicator of future efforts, there will be...
Peter O’Keefe

Peter O’Keefe has spent the past twenty-five years navigating between business and government at the highest levels.

As a former member of the Clinton Administration White House Staff, Mr. O’Keefe has applied that knowledge and experience to assist companies in developing strategies that either solve complex problems or increase public sector sales. His clients include publicly traded and privately held businesses in the financial services, infrastructure and technology sectors.

Mr. O’Keefe has worked on more than a dozen political campaigns, beginning his career as a political operative on the Clinton for President campaign in 1992. He currently serves as the National Treasurer for the Democratic Governors Association. In 2013, he played a leading role in the successful election of his longtime friend, Terry McAuliffe, as the 72nd Governor of Virginia.

Previously, Mr. O’Keefe served as the Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Mr. O’Keefe’s main focus was on developing and advising the national committee on strategic planning, while overseeing a $30 million dollar capital campaign that transformed the national party headquarters and operations. Prior to joining the staff of the DNC, Mr. O’Keefe served as the Director of Major Donor Development for the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation. From 1996 to 1998, Mr. O’Keefe served on the White House staff and spearheaded the Administration’s efforts to coordinate with the business community to pass key sections of the Clinton Economic Program.

He holds degrees from Marist College and the London School of Economics. He and his wife Sara and their two children reside in Washington, DC.