What You Didn’t Realize Was Hidden In The Tax Code

What You Didn’t Realize Was Hidden In The Tax Code

We’ve seen an alarming string of news stories about women in the workplace being treated differently than their male peers – from Google’s diversity memo crisis to offensive statements directed at high-profile board members. The fallout of those incidents has spiraled...
Returning from Recess II: It’s all about the Economy

Returning from Recess II: It’s all about the Economy

As members of Congress return to Washington, let’s reflect on the top issues for constituents in every district and state. Following the first congressional recess, we highlighted three issue areas that rose to the foreground: healthcare, the economy, and...

K Street Meets Main Street: The Possibility of Tax Reform

Caleb Randall-Bodman Senior Analyst One of Forbes Tate Partners’ leading Republican lobbyists, Jeff Strunk, recently weighed in on the prospect for tax reform on the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council’s (CREFC) new blog K Street Meets Main Street. In it he said:...
Caleb Randall-Bodman
Senior Analyst

Caleb Randall-Bodman is a Senior Analyst for Public Affairs, where he plays a vital role as a member of both the firm’s Grassroots and Communications teams. He helps coordinate and execute successful strategies, powerful messaging efforts, and effective campaigns for clients across various industries.

Mr. Randall-Bodman also leverages his prior experience in non-profit fundraising to inform the firm’s Fundraising and Development practice, where he manages donor communications efforts and provides valuable research.

Prior to joining Forbes Tate Partners, Mr. Randall-Bodman held several positions in the Grassroots and Fundraising departments at No Labels – a DC-based non-profit organization – where he worked on grassroots and grasstops development, along with donor communications for their national campaign.

Caleb was born in rural Virginia and grew up in Boulder, Colorado and Hillsboro, Oregon. He graduated from Denison University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Religion in 2014.