Grassroots and Grasstops

Engaging real people with real stories to make a real impact.

When you need every voice to support your position, you need a team that can identify, engage, and inspire public participation.

Our grassroots philosophy is grounded in the belief that every voice matters – and we know how to bring these voices into the conversation, from the ground up.

Forbes Tate Partners’ grassroots advocacy practice designs and delivers strategy-driven advocacy solutions. Cookie-cutter doesn’t cut it for us – we develop a targeted and tailored strategy for every client and campaign.

Everyone has a story. By harnessing the power of their advocates, we make sure our clients can tell theirs.

Coalition Creation and Management

Managing and recruiting allies to build a chorus of voices.

FTP has a proven reputation for creating and managing coalitions that deliver results in a constantly changing political environment. Through customized, outside-in strategies, we build and manage effective coalitions that serve to unify voices and ensure that the coalition’s policy objectives are a top priority.

Whether the coalition stands alone as a 501(c)(4) or a more informal collaboration between corporations, trade associations, and policy experts, FTP will develop and form the system of governance, create the brand and messaging structure, and ensure that all legal and financial infrastructure is established. We will plan and execute all aspects of the coalition launch from the website and social media platforms, to determining the targeted audience, initial coalition partner recruitment, media engagement, and can even identify a national spokesperson.

For coalitions that we manage, we are skilled in creating strong and regular engagement of individual members to keep the coalition robust and focused on a common policy goal. We identify and develop important allies, and make sure that all messaging and organizational activities are properly coordinated and timed for maximum impact.

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