Casey Suchors-Field is the Senior Director of Research and Policy Analysis at Forbes Tate Partners. She joined the firm in March 2013.

Ms. Suchors-Field leads the firm’s Research and Policy Analysis Department and provides strategic and policy insight for the firm’s government relations clients. She also leads the production of research and proposals for potential government relations clients, and acts as a liaison between the firm’s government relations team and other teams. Ms. Suchors-Field keeps principals and clients fully informed of relevant policy developments, manages large-scale projects, and produces written deliverables. She researches and analyzes legislation, relevant regulations, and broader policy, providing principals and clients with reports on their impact, as well as legislative and political update and outlook reports. Ms. Suchors-Field tracks legislation and other client priorities and manages reporting on hearings, briefings, and floor action. She creates policy materials for Hill, agency, and White House engagement, and manages many of the firm’s larger client engagement days on the Hill. Ms. Suchors-Field also develops relationship, profile building, and issue area engagement strategies and action plans for current and potential clients, including policy and member mapping.

Ms. Suchors-Field entered the D.C. policy world through a paid internship in then-Senator Kerry’s office, where she wrote research memos on environmental, health, veterans affairs, and financial issues, covered legislative proceedings, and drafted weekly environmental news updates sent to the Senator. She also held an internship with the House Natural Resources Committee, where she prepared background memos and drafted talking points and questions for hearings, collated data for committee reports and letters, and wrote research memos on forest, wildlife, energy, climate, and Native American affairs issues. Previously, in Massachusetts, Ms. Suchors-Field worked with environmental and women’s health nonprofits, and a then-State House Representative. In her spare time, she has assisted Democratic political campaigns in Massachusetts and at the federal level for a number of years.

Ms. Suchors-Field graduated magna cum laude from Colorado College, with Distinction in Political Science, two awards, and a philosophy minor. She is originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts.