John Buscher is a Partner at Forbes Tate Partners. He joined the firm in Fall 2012 and has over 25 years of experience working on Capitol Hill and in the field of government relations.

Mr. Buscher advises a combination of elite corporations and financial institutions, non-profit organizations, trade associations and emerging technology companies on a host of policy issues before the federal government. He specializes in the areas of surface and air transportation, technology, banking, taxation, tech/IT, labor, appropriations, homeland security and judiciary issues.

Having served as a liaison for his clients to Democratic members of Congress, congressional staffers, and special interest groups, Mr. Buscher responds to inquiries regarding possible legislative outcomes by incorporating institutional understanding and political knowledge from key Democratic sources.

Mr. Buscher has spent the majority of his professional career working with the United States Senate. His relationships with Democratic Senators, especially Senate leadership, have been solidified through years of experience in Democratic politics at the federal level.

For eight years prior to joining Forbes Tate Partners, he led the outreach to Senate Democrats in the public policy wing of a major law firm. He also spent seven years representing the world’s largest airline before members of Congress and Federal agencies as United Airlines’ Director of Governmental Affairs.

Prior to his work with United Airlines, Mr. Buscher served for four years as a Legislative Assistant to two Democratic senators from Illinois. He is a native of Illinois and has maintained longstanding relationships with members of the Illinois delegation.