Federal Government Relations

Influencing the Influencers.

Whether you need to connect with influencers on Capitol Hill or across the federal government, having a bipartisan team that can advocate on your behalf with members of Congress, congressional staff, and the executive branch is essential to shaping the policies that matter. Our diverse practice areas include health care, energy, appropriations, financial services, transportation, tech and telecommunications, tax, trade, agriculture, and natural resources.

FTP’s government relations practice has the network to ensure that there is not an office on Capitol Hill we cannot reach or an issue on which we cannot strategically advise. We understand who is most important to the legislative and regulatory processes, how those individuals think, who they listen to, and what influences them.

No matter the issue, our goal for federal advocacy is simple – to win for our clients.

State and Local Government Relations

Navigating State Governments.

FTP understands that many policy and legislative battles happen outside of Washington, DC. That’s why we expanded our government relations practice to the states. From Virginia to California, our bipartisan team can help you achieve your policy and advocacy goals.

The FTP team has vast experience outside the Beltway, combining state government experience, campaign expertise, and decades of involvement with key stakeholders throughout the country. We have worked not only with many state legislative bodies but also with many of the country’s sitting governors and attorneys general and their respective membership organizations.

This experience, combined with our grassroots advocacy, can help you gather intelligence on state level interests that impact your bottom line, your stakeholders, and your decisions.

State Legislative Monitoring

Providing timely, actionable intelligence on state legislative activity.

Each year, the governments of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories collectively consider well over 100,000 pieces of legislation and executive actions. Any number of these proposals can dramatically impact your business and your decisions, and in some instances, can move through the legislature within hours or days. Our ability to quickly parse through the noise and focus attention on only the measures relevant to our clients have made the difference.

FTP’s state legislative monitoring service can provide you with real, up-to-date information about new and pending actions in the states. To do this, we combine the best algorithms and state policy analysts to track thousands of proposed bills and executive actions relevant to your business. This tracking incorporates decades of past state work to provide unique insights that are missed by computers, including political viability and the interaction of targeted legislation with ballot initiatives.

With our comprehensive monitoring and deep insights into state legislative activity, our clients receive all the information they need, and none that they don’t, to make the most strategic decisions at the state and national levels.

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