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April 02, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/04/02Uncategorized2020-04-02 13:22:57
Past is Prologue: Lessons Learned from 20082020/04/01Public Affairs, Strategic Communications2020-04-01 13:54:22
Cannabis Policy is Not Immune to COVID-192020/03/30Public Affairs, Strategic Communications, Uncategorized2020-03-30 17:22:13
COVID-19 Risks vs. Growth ContinuumAs America continues to take action to slow the spread of the coronavirus and Congress …2020/03/30Healthcare, Public Affairs2020-03-30 11:03:50
March 26, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/03/26Uncategorized2020-03-26 15:02:46
Congress’ Next Steps on COVID-19 ResponseWhile there is still a bit of work left to do on the third piece …2020/03/26Uncategorized2020-03-26 14:18:28
How States are Currently Responding to COVID-192020/03/24State2020-03-24 14:38:14
March 19, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/03/19Uncategorized2020-03-19 12:44:45
A Note from FTP on COVID-192020/03/18Healthcare, Public Affairs, Strategic Communications2020-03-18 19:12:34
COVID-19, What Does It Mean for State Legislative Sessions?2020/03/16State2020-03-16 14:06:32
March 12, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/03/12Uncategorized2020-03-12 13:12:14
March 05, 2020: Three Numbers for ThursdayTrump up, rates down, and Astros beaned: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/03/05Uncategorized2020-03-05 14:32:51
February 27, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/02/27Uncategorized2020-02-27 12:15:45
Reviewing 2020 Democratic Primary Results from Iowa and New HampshireThe results of the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary reveal that Democratic voters have …2020/02/21Uncategorized2020-02-21 13:46:58
February 20, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/02/20Uncategorized2020-02-20 13:41:09
February 13, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/02/13Uncategorized2020-02-13 13:18:11
POLITICO Influence: Former PhRMA lobbyist lands at Forbes Tate2020/02/07Uncategorized2020-02-07 20:33:48
February 6, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/02/06Uncategorized2020-02-06 13:40:34
RELEASE: Health Care Industry Specialist Barrett Thornhill Joins Forbes Tate Partners2020/02/03Uncategorized2020-02-03 14:22:26
January 30, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/01/30Uncategorized2020-01-30 13:28:38
RELEASE: Legal Cannabis Strategist Andrew Freedman Joins Forbes Tate Partners2020/01/27Uncategorized2020-01-27 13:00:00
January 23, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/01/23Uncategorized2020-01-23 13:18:20
2020 State Look AheadLegislatures in 46 states are set to meet in regular sessions this year. While the …2020/01/22Uncategorized2020-01-22 17:46:42
January 16, 2020: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/01/16Uncategorized2020-01-16 11:57:22
January 9, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2020/01/09Uncategorized2020-01-09 12:42:50
As well as helping our community, FTP is giving back nationally to defeat a very personal disease – Part IIPart of the reason the blog was so late, was that in addition to being …2019/12/19Uncategorized2019-12-19 13:46:00
December 19, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/12/19Uncategorized2019-12-19 10:37:34
FTP needs your help urgently to help our community this Holiday – Part IThis blog post is very late this year, because I’ve never quite been able to …2019/12/17Uncategorized2019-12-17 15:42:56
December 12, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/12/12Uncategorized2019-12-12 10:51:13
December 5, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/12/05Uncategorized2019-12-05 12:14:58
November 26, 2019: Three Numbers for Tuesday2019/11/26Uncategorized2019-11-26 10:15:18
November 21, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/11/21Uncategorized2019-11-21 11:02:48
November 14, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/11/13Uncategorized2019-11-13 18:29:19
November 7, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/11/07Uncategorized2019-11-07 13:13:51
October 31, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/10/31Uncategorized2019-10-31 11:04:34
October 24, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/10/24Uncategorized2019-10-24 10:32:58
Bloomberg Government: Lobbying Business Booms Despite Gridlock and Investigations2019/10/23Uncategorized2019-10-23 13:58:41
October 17, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/10/17Uncategorized2019-10-17 09:58:08
October 10, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/10/10Uncategorized2019-10-10 14:00:54
October 3, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/10/03Uncategorized2019-10-03 10:52:32
September 26, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/09/26Uncategorized2019-09-26 09:53:18
September 19, 2019: Three Numbers for Thursday2019/09/19Uncategorized2019-09-19 13:46:50
What Happened in Houston: Takeaways from the Third Democratic Debate2019/09/13Uncategorized2019-09-13 17:23:28
September 12, 2019: Three Numbers for ThursdayCheck out this week’s Three Numbers for Thursday below!2019/09/12Uncategorized2019-09-12 14:55:40
A Closer Look: Legalized Hemp Production in the States2019/09/12Uncategorized2019-09-12 13:37:41
September 5, 2019: Three Numbers for ThursdayToday, we are unveiling our first-ever Three Numbers for Thursday – an insightful look at …2019/09/05Public Affairs2019-09-05 19:17:41
Women in Policy: Power of the Purse2019/08/30Uncategorized2019-08-30 16:52:23
On Block Grants and Messaging: An Uncapped Perspective2019/06/05Uncategorized2019-06-05 12:31:41
RELEASE: Grassroots and Grasstops Campaign Specialist Todd Benjamin Joins Forbes Tate Partners2019/05/22Uncategorized2019-05-22 09:38:07
RELEASE: Democratic Strategist Tessa Gould Joins Forbes Tate Partners2019/03/19Uncategorized2019-03-19 04:00:14
RELEASE: Forbes Tate Partners Adds Two More Hill Veterans2019/03/05Uncategorized2019-03-05 12:37:30
Americans want paid family leave. Congress may finally be ready to deal2019/02/25Uncategorized2019-02-25 15:59:45
Governors Move Forward on Health Care Agenda Without New Federal Programs2019/02/22Healthcare, Public Affairs, Uncategorized2019-02-22 15:09:27
At A Glance: Trends from 2019 State of the States2019/02/20State2019-02-20 16:58:09
RELEASE: Leading Strategist And Pollster Doug Usher Joins Forbes Tate Partners2019/02/11Uncategorized2019-02-11 14:58:33
Local Voices, National Solutions2019/01/24State2019-01-24 15:24:13
RELEASE: Forbes Tate Partners Adds Advocacy and Manufacturing Expert Tiffany Adams to Public Affairs Team2019/01/17Uncategorized2019-01-17 15:22:33
RELEASE: Republican Communications Strategist Megan Taylor Joins Forbes Tate Partners2019/01/10Uncategorized2019-01-10 14:29:54
RELEASE: Leading Democratic Policy Strategist Ryan McConaghy Joins Forbes Tate Partners2019/01/07Uncategorized2019-01-07 15:48:47
RELEASE: Forbes Tate Partners Adds Two Obama Administration Alums2018/12/13Uncategorized2018-12-13 12:43:16
We Need Your Help to Give Back to Our Community: Round Two!Last year, just by chance, I read a local newspaper article about a 2016 holiday …2018/12/12Uncategorized2018-12-12 16:02:37
RELEASE: Leading Republican Political Strategist Stephanie Genco Joins Forbes Tate Partners2018/12/04Public Affairs2018-12-04 15:02:31
RELEASE: Forbes Tate Partners’ Government Relations Team Continues To Grow2018/11/08Public Affairs2018-11-08 18:35:43
At a Glance: 2018 Gubernatorial Races2018/09/27Public Affairs2018-09-27 13:47:32
More Hemingway. Less Whitman.2018/09/03Public Affairs, Strategic Communications2018-09-03 06:00:00
FTP’s Adrienne Schweer Helps Build Momentum for National Paid Family Leave Policy2018/07/27Uncategorized2018-07-27 13:58:58
RELEASE: Leading Democratic Strategist Cindy Brown Joins Forbes Tate Partners2018/05/22Public Affairs2018-05-22 13:15:36
Reacting to Crisis the Right Way2018/04/30Public Affairs, Uncategorized2018-04-30 17:38:58
What Happened in the States: Q1, 20182018/04/24State2018-04-24 05:30:24
RELEASE: Leading Republican Communications Strategist Ryan Taylor Joins Forbes Tate Partners’ Public Affairs Practice2018/04/17Public Affairs2018-04-17 04:00:15
RELEASE: Forbes Tate Partners Expands Public Affairs Practice With Five New Hires2018/04/10Public Affairs2018-04-10 19:32:34
What’s Happening in the Four States Not in Session in 2018?2018/03/15State, Uncategorized2018-03-15 12:57:07
How to Stand Out: Advertising in a Cluttered and Expensive Market2018/03/07Uncategorized2018-03-07 14:29:53
Succeeding on Facebook When Space is Limited2018/01/24Public Affairs, Strategic Communications2018-01-24 15:28:33
Press Release: Former Congressman Bob Dold Joins Forbes Tate Partners’ Public Affairs Team2018/01/11Public Affairs2018-01-11 14:08:53
Legislative Action in the States: What We’re Watching in 20182017/12/21Uncategorized2017-12-21 16:14:12
Giving Back2017/12/11General2017-12-11 10:48:11
Cybersecurity: A Threat Or An Opportunity?2017/10/19Uncategorized2017-10-19 12:27:11
NAFTA Renegotiations: A Tale Of Two Capitals2017/10/12Trade2017-10-12 16:32:06
The Art Of The Pitch2017/10/10Public Affairs, Strategic Communications2017-10-10 17:55:12
Legislative Action in the States: Part Three2017/10/04State2017-10-04 16:13:19
Returning from Recess III: America First Put To The Test2017/09/21General2017-09-21 14:11:59
Mergers & Acquisitions: Why You Must Think Politically2017/09/20General2017-09-20 19:08:50
What You Didn’t Realize Was Hidden In The Tax Code2017/09/15Tax2017-09-15 16:54:15
Press Release: Forbes Tate Partners Expands Public Affairs Practice2017/09/04Public Affairs2017-09-04 20:21:26
Repeal & Replace: From One Republican To Another, How Did It Fail And What Can We Learn?2017/08/14Healthcare, Public Affairs, Strategic Communications2017-08-14 14:57:28
Paid Pays Off: Integrating Paid Media into Your Advocacy Strategy2017/07/26Public Affairs2017-07-26 13:49:55
Free Trade Isn’t Free2017/07/20Trade2017-07-20 15:21:07
Legislative Action In The States: Part Two2017/07/14State2017-07-14 15:26:11
Forbes Tate Partners Expands State Government Relations And Public Affairs Practice2017/07/12Public Affairs2017-07-12 13:51:36
Washington desperately needs a win: How about paid family leave?2017/06/27Healthcare2017-06-27 05:00:06
Asking For a Friend: Do Op-Eds Really Matter Anymore?2017/06/19Public Affairs, Strategic Communications2017-06-19 15:56:30
Outside In: What are Americans Reading About NAFTA?2017/06/07Strategic Communications2017-06-07 06:00:17
ICYMI: It’s time for American employers to unite on US paid family leave2017/05/09Healthcare2017-05-09 13:36:56
Returning from Recess II: It’s all about the Economy2017/04/26State, Tax2017-04-26 00:17:03
Legislative Action In The States: What We’ve Learned So Far2017/04/18Grassroots, State2017-04-18 13:35:03
Building A Message That Resonates Across Party Lines2017/04/10General, Public Affairs, Strategic Communications2017-04-10 15:16:53
The STOP Act: A Legislative Response To The Opioid Overdose Epidemic2017/03/23Healthcare, Uncategorized2017-03-23 14:13:23
Outside In: Are We Just Talking To Ourselves Inside The Beltway?2017/03/14Grassroots, Strategic Communications2017-03-14 19:09:55
Forbes Tate Partners Expands Public Affairs Practice2017/03/08Uncategorized2017-03-08 11:00:13
Returning From Recess: What We’ve Learned2017/03/03Grassroots, Healthcare2017-03-03 22:26:00
Regulatory Reform 101: How To Cut Red Tape2017/02/22General2017-02-22 01:50:04
Ensuring Your Message Breaks Through In A New Washington2017/02/16General2017-02-16 00:13:32
ICYMI: Congressional Management Foundation: “The Untapped Power of Constituent Engagement”2017/02/15Grassroots2017-02-15 14:52:55
For Democratic State Attorneys General, Things Are About to Get Busy2017/02/09General2017-02-09 14:35:15
K Street Meets Main Street: The Possibility of Tax Reform2017/02/08Tax2017-02-08 03:41:47
Forbes Tate Partners Continues to Grow Republican Influence with Addition of Veteran Senate Republican2017/01/11General2017-01-11 19:18:07
Forbes Tate Partners Brings on Longtime Grassroots Strategist to its Public Affairs Shop2017/01/09General2017-01-09 16:22:56
Outside In: Three Principles For Your Public Affairs Strategy2017/01/09Public Affairs2017-01-09 11:20:35
21st Century Cures Act: Success in a Lame Duck Session2016/12/13Healthcare2016-12-13 21:09:06
Welcome to the new and improved Forbes Tate Partners!2016/11/18General2016-11-18 15:27:42
Department of Defense Chief of Protocol and Senior Executive Joins Forbes-Tate Partners2016/10/31General2016-10-31 21:13:12
Health Care Lobbying Veteran and Former Top Republican Senate Aide Latest Addition to Growing, Bipartisan Government Affairs Team2015/09/23General2015-09-23 21:23:22
Top Senate Aide And Strategist Latest Addition to Growing, Bipartisan Government Affairs Team2015/04/02General2015-04-02 21:26:12
House Leadership Staffer Strengthens Bipartisan Reach of Firm2012/12/11General2012-12-11 21:37:53
Firm Continues to Expand with Focus on Moderate Members2012/09/20General2012-09-20 21:30:32