Forbes Tate Partners grew out of the desire of former colleagues – each with their own successful government relations firm – to get the band back together, so to speak.

And that friendship and desire to work together is at the core of Forbes Tate Partners.

Since joining forces, Jeff Forbes and Dan Tate, Jr. have built a highly skilled team of professionals whose collective expertise (inside and outside the Beltway) and strategic chops make FTP one of the premiere government relations and public affairs firms based in Washington. While other firms may also have deep experience, what sets FTP apart is our culture.

Like Jeff and Dan, many members of the FTP team have a history of working together – whether on Capitol Hill, in the White House, on political campaigns, or in state and federal government. This familiarity and camaraderie makes FTP feel like an extended family. We know how to work together, we enjoy working together, and we work as a team to produce results for our clients.

We think our culture and personality as a firm is a rarity in Washington, and we invite you to learn more about FTP.

Engage is Now a Forbes Tate Company