Fast-Paced State Grassroots Campaign

With competitors constructing gaming facilities across the state border and massive revenue loss looming, FTP was hired to execute a grassroots campaign to targeted members of the state legislature. We identified and and activated employees, business partners, and key grasstops leaders. We delivered:

  • Instant on-the-ground engagement through in-state field teams
  • Education and calls to action through email newsletter updates, tele-town halls and all-employee meetings with company chairmen, in-person meetings, and online action center
  • Delivered local voices from the local impacted community
  • Real-time reporting that allowed our team to assess impact and adjust engagement to maximize influence on targets

Through a fast-paced grassroots campaign, our team reached into key districts to have advocates communicate the value of their industry to members of the state general assembly. Our team successfully managed the campaign, provided strategic direction, and provided a voice to employees, local businesses, and customers to achieve results.