Strategic Communications

Everyone has a story to tell. What matters is how you tell that story.

FTP helps our clients craft the strongest and most compelling messages, devise smart communications strategies, and earned, social and owned media efforts to get their message in the public domain, engage the right audiences, and influence public opinion.

Our strategic communications team has been in the trenches of some of the toughest battles and we put that experience to work for our clients. We have worked with a broad range of clients, including startups, corporations, advocacy organizations, trade associations, major non-profit entities, and issue and political campaigns.

FTP also helps clients navigate crises, build brand awareness, and plan for the future. We work hand-in-glove with your government relations strategy, help bring credible and influential voices into the debate to ensure your organization is leading the national conversation about the policies that impact your world.

Crisis Communications

Activating and educating the right voices at the right moment.

FTP provides organizations experiencing a crisis with a complete understanding of the media and public opinion landscape. We can respond quickly to changing dynamics across multiple platforms, and act as a strategic partner through near and long-term challenges, helping our clients shift quickly back to a proactive communications footing.

Data-Driven Insights and Polling

Developing and executing data-driven campaigns for our clients.

FTP offers robust audience insights to help develop and execute campaigns and measure progress toward success. From campaign planning to message development to execution – and every step in between – there are more opportunities for insights and measurement than ever before.

Everything we do is oriented toward direct decision-making that helps advance our clients’ goals. We recommend and conduct research only when we are confident that additional insights will be directly actionable and useful.

Our team uses a full suite of tools and approaches, including qualitative and quantitative opinion research, social and earned media analysis, and advanced campaign analytics to be sure that you target the right audiences with the best message delivered most effectively. If a campaign tactic is working, our insights help improve it — and if it’s not, our findings inform our course corrections.

Thought Leadership

Convening experts and key audiences

Thought leadership is not just a buzzword but an ethos in building long term relationships through events, speaking opportunities, executive positioning, original research, and thoughtful analysis. We believe these pieces make up effective thought leadership that moves past transactional relationships to position a company, trade association, or executive with the right leaders inside Washington but also across the country.

Creative and Digital Services

Designing effective media solutions and creating compelling content.

Our experience has taught us that no matter the audience or issue, media strategies are a critical piece of any campaign puzzle and we develop and execute digital strategies and tactics across the spectrum. 

We believe media strategies should be integrated – utilizing every relevant platform – and targeted – delivered to the right audience at the right time. We build a consistent presence and voice for every client, utilizing a range of services and media measurement tools to inform planning and placement.

From content creation to social and digital media strategy, television and audio production, and advertising and media placement – our team offers the creative edge to win tough campaigns.

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