George Cooper

Senior Vice President


George Cooper is a Senior Vice President at Forbes-Tate and was with Forbes-Tate’s predecessor firm, Cauthen Forbes & Williams. Mr. Cooper leads the firm’s natural resource and outdoor recreation government affairs work. Mr. Cooper also directs the firm’s strategic communications practice and works closely with Forbes-Tate’s clients to develop and implement effective public relations and media strategies.

Prior to joining Forbes-Tate, Mr. Cooper served as the President and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, a groundbreaking coalition of the nation’s leading hunting, fishing and conservation organizations founded to give the sportsman-conservationist voice greater resonance in federal policymaking. Throughout his seven years at TRCP, both as CEO and as Vice President for Policy and Communications, Mr. Cooper helped create a new strategic advocacy niche for the nation’s 40-million hunters and anglers with an emphasis on highly effective communications around issues including marine resources management, participation and access, western public lands management, public land and offshore energy development, private lands agricultural policy, and wetlands conservation.

Mr. Cooper’s communications and political experience extends directly into the media. Prior to joining TRCP, Mr. Cooper worked for CNN for ten years. From 1997 to 2003, Mr. Cooper served as Senior Producer for public affairs shows including “Evans and Novak,” “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer,” and “Reliable Sources,” and then produced on the White House and Capitol Hill beats. During his time show producing and story producing in Washington, Mr. Cooper worked closely with prominent political experts and interviewed and reported on members of Congress, top administration officials, and other leading figures in Washington. Prior to those assignments, he was at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia with Headline News and the network’s Political Unit covering the 1996 elections.

At Forbes-Tate, Mr. Cooper helps clients better understand the media and how to deliver messages that will punch through and be heard by Congress, the Administration and the general public. His extensive background in issue advocacy and journalism gives Mr. Cooper a unique understanding of how to shape advocacy campaigns and media plans to achieve positive public results.

Mr. Cooper graduated from Denison University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Political Science. He and his wife and two children live in Alexandria, Virginia.