Bipartisan. Integrated. Experienced.

Success for our clients comes from our team’s commitment to hard work, our ability to be nimble, and our extensive collective network and experience.

Our team has a history of working with government officials, C-Suite executives from Fortune 100 companies, and leaders to some of America’s most dynamic organizations, often fostering the development of new and sometimes non-traditional partnerships. Our knowledge of the complex anatomy of government decision-making processes opens doors to our clients across the nation’s capital and around the country. We have developed and continue to maintain productive working relationships with local, state, national, and international policymakers that allow us to provide successful, integrated solutions for our clients.

The FTP Team

In the fluid and complex policymaking environment that characterizes Washington, DC and in every state capitol, Forbes Tate Partners offers solid, well-informed strategies that our clients use to achieve their goals and add value.

Our team’s experience uniquely positions FTP to take a holistic approach to get results. With backgrounds ranging from private equity to finance, presidential campaigns, the White House, Congress, the executive branch, and non-governmental organizations, our ability to see around corners to evaluate the best course of action for our clients stems from experience at the highest levels.

Our primary areas of specialty are health care, energy, natural resources, financial services, transportation, trade, tax, tech and telecommunications, appropriations, and agriculture.

Deliberate yet adaptable, established yet innovative, our highly experienced, bipartisan professionals advance the interests of our clients across a broad range of issue areas.

Photos contributed by Washington, D.C. photographer Aaron Clamage.

Our Story


Forbes Tate Partners grew out of the desire of two former White House colleagues – each with their own successful government relations firm – to get the band back together, so to speak.

That friendship and desire to work together to build a great client service business is at the core of FTP. Since joining forces, Jeff Forbes and Dan Tate, Jr. have built a highly skilled team of professionals whose collective expertise and strategic chops make FTP one of the top business advisory and advocacy consultancies in Washington, DC. While other firms may also have deep experience, what sets FTP apart is our culture.

Like Jeff and Dan, many members of the FTP team have a history of working together – whether on Capitol Hill, in the White House, on political campaigns, or in state and federal government. This familiarity and camaraderie make FTP feel like an extended family. Not only do we know how to work well together – we are intentional about collaboration. That cohesion built into our team mentality is what produces results for our clients.

We think our culture and personality as a firm is a rarity in Washington, DC and we invite you to learn more about FTP.

Guiding Principles

We take our work and our relationships – with our clients and each other – seriously. These are the principles that guide our work:


We work closely with our clients and colleagues to create innovative solutions, overcome challenges, and increase effectiveness.


We are strategic and tailor our approach to the specific needs of each client. We know one size does not fit all.


We are fiercely loyal and committed to our clients and their causes – and we’re always up for a challenge.


We don’t just get stuff done – we move the needle and add value. We are resourceful and deliver for our clients.


We are curious by nature and constantly learning. Washington, DC and the entire political, policy, and regulatory landscape around the country is always changing, and we pride ourselves on making sure we have the tools to navigate the change while also providing guidance.

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