FTP needs your help urgently to help our community this Holiday – Part I

This blog post is very late this year, because I’ve never quite been able to close it. Emotions kind of get the better of me, but Liz added some urgency today, eight days before Christmas.

We need your help to make sure kids in DC have a better Christmas than they would otherwise. One of the foundations of Forbes Tate Partners is our commitment to supporting each other. We support each other, our clients, and our community. Part of that commitment is giving back to our city.

This is the third consecutive year that FTP has led a Holiday Toy Drive to provide gifts for the students of Wheatley Education Campus. Supported by everyone from our building management at CBRE to our amazing friends at Cornerstone Public Affairs, we have been able to give well over 1,500 toys to over 700 children. What began by reading a newspaper story chronicling the efforts of caring faculty and staff of Wheatley to save Christmas for their students, became a holiday tradition that reminds us to be thankful for what we have and can do for others.

Not everyone in our city is as fortunate as us. The great portion of the kids at Wheatley live in transitional housing or are in shelters. Without someone stepping up, many of these kids would not have anything for their holidays. Last year, our Holiday Toy Drive allowed Santa’s helpers to create a workshop in the Wheatley library for the students to come in and choose their gifts.

One story that a helper shared shows why kindness matters and filters beyond the act itself. He related how a 9-year old boy was in a section of toys for much younger children, and our helper tried to redirect him toward the older kid’s section. The boy resisted. When asked why he didn’t want to get his toy from a better group for his age, his response was calm and stunning. He knew that he was allowed two toys, and those two would be all that his family got. He was planted in the younger section because his second gift was for his sister, otherwise she wouldn’t get anything. Take a moment to think about that. Our making a really small sacrifice leads to amazing kindnesses.

Liz told me that another school reached out to say that they needed help for an additional 200 children – eight days before Christmas! Teachers heard what we did together and know that if someone does not step up and help, their kids will go without. While the Wheatley Educational Campus is again our commitment, and we have not yet reached our goal for them, we are going to do what we can to help address this need. Sometimes all it takes is letting friends know that there is a need.

Last year, our friends crushed it. So, if you are one of those fantastic people or organizations who wants to get involved, now is the time! If you’re able to contribute in any way, please contact Liz Gonzalez at egonzalez@forbes-tate.com or (202) 638-0125.