Three Questions for Dan Tate Jr. and Kristina Dunklin

Three Questions For
Can you tell us about your involvement in I AM ALS’ efforts? 

Forbes Tate Partners has been involved in I AM ALS from the very beginning. Early in 2019, we began working with I AM ALS to help their efforts in Washington, D.C. The fight against ALS is very personal for the Forbes Tate team and along with I AM ALS and the ALS community, we were able to quickly accomplish many life-changing policy wins for those living with ALS, their families, caregivers and loved ones. We started by launching the bipartisan and bicameral ALS Caucuses.

In 2020, the ALS Disability Insurance and Access Act was signed into law removing the five-month waiting period for SSDI benefits for those diagnosed with ALS. In 2021, ACT for ALS was signed into law, authorizing $100M in new funding for ALS research, including through a new Expanded Access Grant Program (EAP). ACT for ALS has been fully funded every Appropriations cycle since. Additionally, DOD CDMRP funding for ALS research was increased from $10M in FY19, to $20M in FY20 and $40M in FY21 and every year since.  

What does it mean to have No Ordinary Campaign now streaming on Prime Video?  

It means everything that our advocacy and education can continue to reach more and more people! ALS is often thought of as a rare disease, but 1 in 300 people will be diagnosed in their lifetime and there is currently no real treatment and no cure. We hope the increased awareness will help drive interest and resources to finding that much needed treatment and ultimately, a cure! No Ordinary Campaign follows the lives of I AM ALS founders Brian Wallach and Sandra Abrevaya. Following Brian’s diagnosis, they have dedicated their lives to changing the world for those with ALS.

The film follows their personal journey, including the work on Capitol Hill and the White House that Forbes Tate Partners has been so honored to be a part of. Over the last couple years, the film has had a very successful run at many of the world’s most popular film festivals, but it being streamed on Prime Video means that more people all over the world can learn about ALS, which is a huge benefit to our fight against this terrible disease.  

What’s next for the I AM ALS campaign and the fight to end ALS? 

Anyone in the fight against ALS has one goal: a cure! Over our time working on ALS issues, we have met and worked with so many wonderful people living with ALS, their families, friends, and caregivers. Sadly, because ALS is often quickly progressing, we’ve lost too many of these friends and fellow advocates along the way. As we continue to work towards finding a cure, our efforts are fueled by them and the amazing ALS community across the country. Continued funding for research and Expanded Access Programs is critical.

ACT for ALS will need to be reauthorized next year and there is other legislation we’ll be working on to ensure finding treatments and cures for ALS, and other similar diseases, is top of mind for researchers, regulators and Capitol Hill.