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The Winter of American Discontent

In advance of the 2022 mid-term elections, the FTP Insights team, along with Senior Vice President Trevor Hanger, who has decades of strategic investment and political experience, investigated the American electorate’s opinion of the current state of the economy. These are the topline findings: 

  • Over the past 12 years, American have held a near non-stop negative outlook on the economy – ranging from a 94 percent “not so good/poor” viewing of the economy at the height of the Great Recession to a 70 percent “not so good/poor” rating today, based on rising inflation and consumer prices.  
  • Voters have turned away from every political leader in the country – disliking both parties and the leaders who represent them. 
  • The constant change and see-sawing in US politics and the economy is filtering through the electorate: the last five presidents beginning their presidency with unified control to push for large, dramatic political change. This dramatic swing has never happened before.  
  • The “whipsaw” – political, personal, and economic change – is driving the problem into 2022. However, these trends may tell a larger (problematic) story for both parties moving forward. 

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