Inauguration 2021: Tweets from Inside the Beltway

As the country observed the inauguration of President Biden on January 20, we tuned in to the conversation among Beltway insiders on Twitter. We looked to see what members of Congress and their professional staff had to say about the inauguration and what themes were most closely tied to the conversation. We uncovered some promising conversations as the Biden administration begins, and a markedly different atmosphere on Twitter following recent events.

1. Across parties, posts focused on security, thanking the National Guard for their help in securing the Capitol and larger D.C. area during the event. With the events of January 6 still fresh in everyone’s minds, the reinforced efforts to protect our nation’s capital during the inauguration did not go unnoticed.

2. While President Biden swiftly signed several executive orders, discussion around specific policy areas in connection to his inauguration was muted. The COVID-19 memorial made an impact among Democrats, with messages of support and remembrance tied to the event.

3. Democrats were more active than Republicans, and more likely to focus their enthusiasm around specific events throughout the inauguration. While leaders in both parties focused on the path forward as the Biden administration began, Democrats were energized by the words of Amanda Gorman’s poem during the event. Republicans were noticeably quiet in the conversation, no doubt a lingering result of social media platforms’ decisions to suspend prominent Republican leaders’ accounts, including President Trump, on January 8.

4. Themes of unity and support throughout the event itself and resulting discussions across various media platforms are encouraging as pressure hits the Biden administration to carry through on campaign promises. These broad messages of support were also the most resonant with constituents and Americans as we look to the future.